Do the New Orleans Saints have a Chance???

OK PEOPLE!!!!!! I know you seen the game between the New Orleans Saints and the Los Angeles Rams on Sunday September 15th . The game was intense since the Saints wanted their revenge from last season. I, as a New Orleans native , was beyond ready to see what the Saints had in store. Talk about a game! Unfortunately, as we see in the picture, our very own quarterback Drew Brees suffers from an injury that will keep him out for 6 weeks. 6 WEEKS!!!!!! So what does that say for the rest of the season. Many say the Saints season is done for. But wait a minute, isn’t there another quarterback? Teddy Bridgewater! What will he do for the Saints, and does anyone have any type of faith? To be honest, it’s at a 50/50. While he played in the game, he passed for 165 yards, rushed 2 attempts for 5 yards with no touchdowns. Now for someone coming from the Vikings as a starter, you would think he would’ve done a little better , especially with Michael Thomas( which is one of the top wide receiver in the NFL), and Kamara being one of the top 5 running backs in the NFL. We are all hoping for the best, but at this point in time we all are praying for a nice and smooth recovery from Drew Brees. Your in our prayers man! This should open the Saints eyes to see, what will happen once Drew Brees retires? The saints have more to think about than just these 6 weeks. Don’t you think!!!!!

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