A hard working loving man

I Know I know…. Where are the hard working men at , am I right??? Luckily, it took me a very long long time to find mine. You see , I was in a toxic relationship for 7 years. Long painful years. I went through mental, physical, and emotional pain. I thought I was in love and happy. But then the true person came out , and basically ruined my life. The worse part… I let him. I let him make me feel like absolutely nothing. After that, I never thought I would love again. Until I met my husband. Oh my goodness, you guys!!!!! No he’s not Prince Charming , he’s not perfect, and he’s not rich. What my husband is though, he’s a hard working man. He knows what it’s like to struggle and to make something of himself. Even when he’s sick, he goes to work faithfully. He’s a caring , loving husband . He makes me feel beautiful and loved. And it’s hard to find that. To find a man who gives you the same energy as you give them , even a little more sometimes is the best gift. He’s been with me at my lowest , and he’s still here . Love is about the word, or about saying I love you. Love is about how you show the other person how much you care. To show you that all guys aren’t the same. That there is your one fish in the plenty!

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