Introduce Yourself

Introduce Yourself? Cause that’s easy, no big deal. Right?? I am probably one of the few who hate to talk about themselves. I myself am 27 years old. Going to be 28 on the 27th of this month! YAYYYY!!!(not really guys). I am born and raised in New Orleans. I love my city!!!!!!! There is definitely no place like home. GEAUX SAINTS!!!!! I just got married this year in April to my amazing husband. Honestly you guys,this man is so great. We are not perfect, far from it,but i couldn’t imagine a single day without him. I know I am so in love it makes you sick, NEWS FLASH SUSAN. I don’t care. Anyways, I have always had a passion for more than one thing. I love being diverse, exploring other things and new opportunities. I want to share my love of a bit of everything. My randomness!!! I’ve always been a random conversationist (OMG IS THAT EVEN A WORD). I want to bring a spicy flavor to my writing. I am a Puerto Rican after all.

not my picture, got it off google!!! Not copy writing, Have a great day!!

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